Sustainability, social responsibility and environmental awareness have been high on the foodservice agenda for some time now, yet many caterers still struggle to come up with a plan that shows the positive effects their efforts are having.

Green10 has been developed in response to the industry’s need for a flexible framework to help organisations realise their unique responsible sourcing strategies. Now, the Green10 framework gives food-related businesses the tools to create, measure and report on these strategies. Green10 provides online metrics for 10 specific ‘pillars’, each relating to responsible sourcing, purchasing and sustainability: Food Mileage, Local Sourcing, Environmental Profile, Seasonality, Renewable, Culture, Animal Welfare, Wellbeing, Packaging and Food Waste.

So now we have it – Green10 is helping organisations assess their current buying activity and develop a suitable and realistic plan for improvement that reflects their existing plans or new aspirations. But we could not have done this on our own, it was vital to enlist the help of customers. Customers such as OCS.

OCS embraced the benefits of e-trading via our epsys platform some 8 years ago and it is now an integral part of its day-to-day business operation. epsys has been deployed across the OCS estate and is currently in use at 390 of the company’s catering sites where it has improved efficiency through electronic ordering, invoice management, stock and recipe management and local financial reporting. In addition to the obvious financial controls this brings there has also been a significant environmental impact, with over 20,000 invoices a month being processed electronically instead of manually. The OCS e-procurement journey has delivered operational, financial and environmental benefits and has provided a ready-made platform for Green10.

As Graham Gilbert, Managing Director Infrastructure and Healthcare at OCS Group UK puts it: “epsys brought major financial benefits to our catering business through tighter purchasing controls and its evolution over the last eight years has brought many additional benefits. Green10 is yet another great addition to this versatile system, which will enable us to closely monitor many aspects of our environmental, sustainability and social responsibility performance that our clients now demand, easily, and without incurring the burden and cost that gathering this type of information would normally require”.

Green10 is both simple and straightforward and it’s worth mentioning too that it does not rely on an organisation using the epsys e-trading platform to trade as it has been developed as a standalone tool. With no capital investment required, and no restriction on business size, location or technical capability, Green10 is completely inclusive and available to the smallest foodservice operator.

As Green10 continues to break new ground Acquire will be working closely with suppliers, clients and accreditation/environmental agencies to ensure that the key messages and developments are shared within our industry. We even have plans to create a Green10 Leadership Panel so that those who embrace the Green10 framework can influence and contribute to on-going initiatives.